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ASFA 2013 Symposium Opportunities

Symposia Support


Symposia time slots and support fees are as detailed below.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013 8:00am – 11:00am

• 100 attendees – $20,000 • 150 attendees – $25,000 • 200 attendees – $30,000


Wednesday, May 22, 2013 12:00pm – 3:00pm

• 150 attendees – $30,000 • 200 attendees – $35,000 • 250 attendees – $40,000


Friday, May 24, 2013 6:00pm – 9:00pm

• 100 attendees – $27,500 • 150 attendees – $32,500 • 200 attendees – $37,000

Each level of support fee is based on the estimated attendance and includes: continental breakfast, box lunches or plated dinner for the attendees, as appropriate. Please note, however, that if the actual attendance exceeds the estimate, ASFA will re–invoice as necessary. No refunds will be made if the attendance is less than anticipated.

Please note that the Supporter will be billed separately for any additional food and beverage ordered. Any other associated costs will also be billed at cost to the Supporter. Please note that fees listed here do not include any administrative services (e.g. registration services), or audio–visual technician services.


All Symposia Supporters will receive the following benefits:

• The opportunity to present information to your target audience

• A pre–conference delegate list (provided by April 22, 2013)

• A post–conference delegate list (provided by June 24, 2013)

• Recognition on the Annual Meeting section of the ASFA website

• Reservation of appropriate space booked at the conference location

• Limited audio–visual equipment (screen, LCD projector, podium, laser pointer, microphones (podium, panel table, floor), presentation computer)

• A listing in the Corporate Program ASFA 2013 Annual Meeting Sheraton Denver Downtown, Denver, Colorado May 22 • May 25, 2013 10 375 West 5th Avenue Suite 201, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y 1J6 T. 604.484.2851 F. 604.874.4378 Email: Web:


Symposia proposals submitted by supporters will only be considered if they include the following details:

1. A one–paragraph description and title of the session

2. Two to four learning goals/objectives

3. Speaker name(s), talk title(s) and short speaker bio(s)

Symposia supporters who are also conference supporters will be given priority in time allocations. Following this, symposia will be assigned on a "first come, first served” basis.


Symposia held in conjunction with the ASFA Annual Meeting are not part of the official meeting agenda and will be designated as Corporate Symposia in the meeting agenda. Companies hosting Symposia agree:

1. that ASFA retains the right to approve Symposia content, faculty, venue and other details.

2. that the Symposium will provide opportunity for open question and answer sessions and permit evaluation by attendees. Evaluation forms would be developed, distributed and tabulated by ASFA.

3. that Symposia planning efforts including set–up, food and beverage, audio–visual and other arrangements, will be made through the ASFA Meeting Manager. The ASFA Meeting Manager must be kept informed of all communication between the Symposium contact person and conference center staff. All audio–visual requirements must be arranged through ASFA.

4. that ASFA will provide a list of registered conference attendees to the Symposium contact prior to the Symposium. If ASFA meeting staff is required on–site, the Company will be billed separately. If audio–visual technicians are required, the Company will be billed separately.

5. not to use "ASFA”, "ASFA 2013 Annual Meeting”, or the respective logos on any announcement, sign publication, audio–visual product or other promotional materials without advance written permission from ASFA.

6. all promotional material must be approved by ASFA prior to distribution.

7. that no audio or video taping without consent of ASFA may be used; all approved audio and/or video taping must be disclosed to the audience in the program.

8. to refrain from posting promotional signs in hotel lobbies without permission of ASFA; placing promotional material under the doors (or door drops of any kind) of hotel guests is not permitted.

9. the symposium fee does not include any costs for registration, additional audio–visual, or any administrative services provided.

10. to remit the symposium fee, administrative fees and symposium proposal information to ASFA; additional costs will be billed after the ASFA 2013 Annual Meeting; checks should be made payable to the American Society for Apheresis.