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ASFA 2013 Focus Groups

Focus Group Support

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to have a direct, detailed and cost–effective conversation with
motivated conference delegates.
Your focus group will consist of 8–12 high–level apheresis professionals, with the group facilitated by an ASFA
leader. A focused group of this size provides the optimal opportunity for all participants to share their views and

expertise, with adequate discussion.

The ASFA facilitator will be chosen by ASFA and will work with you to determine how the agenda will run to your
goals and objectives for the group. The participant selection process will be in accordance with your target
audience requirements (e.g. qualifications, specialty, expertise, state/country). Please note that invitations must be

sent by the supporting company.

Please note: Not included in the support fee are enhanced audio–visual, food and beverage, minutetaking, and
facilitator honoraria/participant tokens (discretionary). ASFA will agree on these costs with the Supporter in
advance, depending on requirements. ASFA will bill all additional costs separately, as necessary. Focus Group date
and time to be confirmed with the ASFA Head Office.